Spin-off of the I Love Jenni show, the series follows the five children of late Mexican-American singer Jenni Rivera as they pursue their dreams and continue to honor Jenni’s legacy.Good to know that in Season 3, The Riveras siblings tackle a whole new set of challenges. Chiquis’ relationship with Lorenzo Mendez gets serious, while her sister Jacqie’s marriage hits the rocks. Johnny comes out of the closet this year, while Mikey and Jenicka search for careers and love. While growing up isn’t easy, together they are stronger.The Season 3 premieres is on March 11, 2018 on Universo, an NBC Universal/Telemundo network.

The Riveras all began when Executive Producers, Liane Su and Edward Paige of Blank Paige first started working with the late Jenni Rivera. In 2010 they launched the series I Love Jenni that became a huge hit in the Hispanic market. “We were at the forefront of reality in Hispanic TV and stayed on top for three seasons before Jenni passed away in a plane crash,” say Su. “We took a couple of years off to heal and by then her kids were ready to return to television. We rebranded the series to The Riveras and returned to our original TV home, Universo (formerly mun2). We are the only English language show on a Spanish network, which we believe proves how strong our talent and storytelling is. We cross language and cultural barriers.”

When it came time to complete post-production for the series, Su and Paige turned once again to AlphaDogs, with whom they’d previously partnered on I Love Jenni and other projects. “AlphaDogs has been a great partner for many years,” said Su. “We value their talent and dedication. They’re always the first place we call for any of our post needs.”

erence Curren and Sean Stack oversaw color correction for the series using Avid Symphony. It’s typical to have problems with things like iris shifts, stabilization and framing problems with scenes that are shot on location in uncontrolled lighting environments. To remedy these problems, Stack utilized Boris Continuum Complete effects filters, including Flicker Fixer to give the show an overall smooth look. Stack was diligent in making sure the filters didn’t introduce any other visual distortions, which can happen sometimes. Stack explains, “Major repair work always needs to be rendered and reviewed to assure the fix is actually an improvement before you move on to anything else.

Stack explains, “Shooting this way allows the editors to cut the interview with the most flexibility. Once we have the color correction and keying filter set up for each angle of the confessional interview, they are applied globally throughout the episode. In this case, it’s the beauty of a controlled environment versus uncontrolled. It helps speed up the finishing process.”

The Riveras is executive produced by Liane Su and Edward Paige for Blank Paige and Irune Ariztoy for Universo.

Below a promo of The Riveras:


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