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For several hours, one of Johnny Depp’s lawyers, Camille Vasquez, tried to describe the 36-year-old actress as a provocateur in many quarrels with her ex-husband and often the first to strike.

“I never assaulted Johnny Depp, anyone I’ve ever had a relationship with,” Amber Heard told the court. “I used my body many times to defend myself, and that included hitting where I could to escape,” she explained, “if that meant a swollen face rather than a broken nose.”

The actress, whose role in “Aquaman 2” was restricted due to the trial, denied that she was ever “the first to hit”. In an audio recording at the debate center on Tuesday, she admitted that she slapped Depp in a March 2015 dispute in Australia, where he was to film the fifth part of “Pirates of the Caribbean”. In this recorded conversation, the actor states that he had to take refuge in a bathroom because of his wife’s anger.

During another tense exchange on Tuesday, Amber Heard had to express her views on the sequence of events during a particularly traumatic episode of their stay in Australia, when Johnny Depp, under the influence of drugs, allegedly assaulted her sex with a bottle of alcohol.

Heard claimed that the actor had cut his finger after breaking a phone before assaulting her, a version that the lawyer questioned given the seriousness of this injury. The actress admitted that she did not get a medical certificate and did not consult a doctor after this alleged brutal assault.

In the witness box, the “Aquaman” actress explained why Johnny Depp refuses to look at her from the beginning of the trial: “Because he is guilty,” she said. “He knows he’s lying.”

The 58-year-old actor, who testified in late April, admitted to using drugs and alcohol, but denied raising his hand against Amber Heard and said she was violent.

Amber Heard also denounced a “denigration campaign” by Johnny Depp’s lawyers when Camille Vasquez raised allegations of domestic violence by her former American artist partner Tasya Van Ree in 2009.

The actress explained on Monday that she decided to divorce in May 2016 because she feared for her life, after another quarrel in which the actor allegedly threw a phone in her face.

Johnny Depp accuses his ex-wife of ruining her reputation and career by claiming in a 2018 article in The Washington Post that she suffered domestic violence two years earlier without naming him. He is seeking $ 50 million in damages. The actress countered and demanded a double.

The first four weeks of the trial drew a “very toxic relationship” between the two. They started dating in October 2011 before getting married in February 2015. The divorce was pronounced in early 2017.

The debate is set to continue until May 27, after seven jurors withdrew.


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