INNA launches INNAMag, its own online magazine, a dream come true for the artist, where she writes about loved people she respects, about things she appreciates and recommends, shares many photographs were taken over time, tells about his experiences around the world, but also many other surprises!

The first number of the magazine contains an exclusive interview with the photographer Edward Aninaru, who also made the cover shoot, traveling with INNA “around the world in a month”, Romania seen through the eyes of the artist, her recommendations on various topics, but and a quiz with nobody other than ANTONIA.

For the second issue of the magazine, INNA intends to introduce a special section, through which fans can choose the topic that it will address!

This year, INNA released the album “YO”, a sincere, intense album, written with much love and sincerity, from the soul, even by artist and produced by David Ciente, with whom he also collaborated for “Roulette”, ” Gimme Gimme “and” Nirvana “. The album was released by Global Records in collaboration with ROC Nation, Jay-Z’s label, which features top artists such as Rihanna, Shakira, Mariah Carey, Damien Marley, Miguel, Willow Smith.

“YO” includes 11 tracks, each telling the story of another character, another state that INNA feels has lived in another life.


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