Lana Del Rey

Singer Lana Del Rey has recently started working on a new project, a musical at this time.

The famous Lana Del Rey, known for the hit “Summertime Sadness,” responded in an interview to L’Officiel magazine for several interviews with a series of famous fans, including Kim Kardashian, Stevie Nicks , Courtney Love and Sean Ono Lennon.

Finally, the singer responded to some questions about the possibility of directing her own feature film. “I thought of writing a biopic about someone who is not real. Actually, I was asked to write a musical I started for Broadway, ” explained Lana Del Rey.

The singer said she would elect Baz Luhrmann as director, she is a fan of the film ‘Moulin Rouge’.

“It could be done in two or three years.Rick and I wrote something, so we’ll see,” the artist said.


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