The wind passes smoothly, lightly
Among the trees and suddenly
With an intoxicating scent
The whole forest was filled.

The surrounding flowers ask:
“Maybe he’s coming to the party.”
An angel goddess?
Who cares, who knows?
– No, answer smugly,
Heading for the sun,
The flower that among the flowers,
It is in the largest forest.

There’s no one else here like me,
I’m just a goddess!
“Ah,” said the forest, ”
You smell bad and heavy.

You’re big, you’re prickly,
But the goddess is another flower,
Look at her thin,
Gentle, charming.

Stay calm, stay in the shade,
Bent to the ground,
White, small, round tears
Silver bells in the wind…

She is the flower, she is the goddess,
It blossomed for the first time.
He brought us heavenly perfume
And we’ll call it… Lily.


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