Off The Chain

Her show Off the Chain which is not yet two years old has reached a listening base just on the show itself of over 100,000 listeners. This show is heard in over 100 countries. It is also heard in podcast form on iTunes, YouTube,, podcastgarden, mixcloud, soundcloud,, tuneinradio and recently has been added to iheartradio under Southern Chats with Yvonne Mason as well as Off The Chain. When the numbers are added from the podcasts, Ms. Mason’s listening base is reaching 200,000 plus listeners.

Her goal was to interview other indie authors, musicians, songwriters and anyone with a platform. She wanted to give a voice to those who had limited ways to be heard. She has interviewed authors like David Morrell, James Swain, and a host of others.

Ms. Mason has been featured on the Investigation Discovery Channel twice, and on England TV and French TV once each. She is well known for her true crime books as well as several other genres.


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