After rapper R. Kelly was found guilty by a New York court in 2021 of running a system of sexual exploitation of several young women of color over three decades, it seems that in the end he was sentenced to 30 years in prison.

The sentence was handed down by the Federal Court in Brooklyn, following the trial that began nine months ago, which revealed particularly serious sexual crimes committed in the United States.

Thus, the prosecutors accused R. Kelly of “using his notoriety (…) to make young, fragile and vulnerable women his victims in order to obtain sexual pleasures”, being classified as a “danger, a murderer and a predator” for his victims.

As for R. Kelly’s reaction, it seems that he has not yet made any statement on this subject and we do not expect him to do so, because, if we think about it, the accused remained equally silent. the duration of trial started in August last year.

However, according to prosecutor Breon Peace, the rapper is careless about his devastating crimes and has no remorse for his behavior even though the hearings revealed the “terrible system” set up by R. Kelly for the purpose. to attract teenagers and rape them, among his accomplices being people from his entourage.

Moreover, most of the victims said that after meeting him at concerts, they received a ticket with the singer’s contact details.


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